The Mole Behind Trees
The Middle Path
Mid Winter on Wisley Common
Winter Sunlight on Chobham Common
Thursley Winter Birches
Birches Turning Horseshoe Clump.
Young Beeches Horseshoe Clump
Autumn on the Ledges
Down The Hill to the Mole
Birches on The Ledges
Mid Winter Wisley Common
Thursley Common Surrey
Green Summer Woods
Septembers Evening Sun by The Mole
Hot Summer Cool on The Ledges
Sacred Tree WInter
Sacred tree Autumn
Beeches Stand Together
Winter Lardy Pond
Lardy Pond Horseshoe Clump
Snow in the Air
Winter Morning by the Mole.
Snow in the Air
Winter on The Pond
Winter Reflections
Behind the Pond
Journey to Rowe's Flashe
Woodland Stirs
New Growth
Spring on the Ledges
Guardian Oak Spring Beeches
A Winterdown Spring
Still Morning on The Mole
Meandering to the Mole
Spring Air Green Tips
Winterdown Kingcups

Surrey Hills

© 2020 by Katy Selwyn-Smith

Mid Winter on Wisley Common

£175 Acrylic and Ink on Paper 145 x 195mm Framed Mid Winter Day on Wisley Common. Stormy skies, blustery winds blowing the finest of rain around, I can just feel it on my skin, but it's very mild and the bird song is beautiful.